About us

Started producing inflatable product enlargements and non-standard bouncers, 20 years of experience have formed us to what we are today: the company specialized in ‘Specials’, custom shaped inflatable’s for every use.

Whether it concerns a stage ornament for per example Anastacia, Faithless or Kylie Minoque or within our country borders a full stage décor for Karin Bloemen, we are ready for the job.

For ID&T / Sensation we made the impossible come true when we designed and manufactured a 26m diameter semi-transparent 3d nuclear mushroom cloud under severe time pressure.

Our Dome’s for Toshiba and the projection Dome ( ø15 m ) are open to the public and never cease to amaze them.

Creativity, in connection with high-level technical expertise and our high quality materials forms the basis of our specials which you find all over the world, from New York to Moscow and from Scandinavia to Ivoorkust.